Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Several new drawings

It's been a while since I've posted, so I have a few new things to post. One is of a colored pencil drawing I did of the Borrego Springs Area:

The other two were of my first forays into pen and marker drawings. I decided I wanted a change and do something that is more like illustration rather than fine art. I've seen a lot of nice work done with pen and ink, so I thought I would try it. Of course, it take practice to get good at it just like any other medium. I currently have several Sharpie pens and a set of markers in secondary colors. I may buy more markers if I decide I want to continue with this medium.

Here is my first attempt. It's of Oreo the duck:

This one I did last night. It's of George the killdeer. I also used a little colored pencil on it, too. In this version, I cut out the area around the drawing and put it on a clean white sheet using Photoshop. I had made a lot of smudges and marks on the original sheet of paper.

I have some items up in my Cafepress store with the killdeer design on it. Check it out:

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