Saturday, May 12, 2012

Japanese Brush Painting Class

Today, I went and took a Japanese brush painting class at the Tijuana River Esturarine National Research Reserve.  It was International Migratory Bird Day today.   I've never done this type of painting before.  The paper was all crinkly from shrinking due to the water and wet paint.

Above is my bird on a branch, below are my practice birds.  I had to learn how to do the brush strokes as handling a brush is much different in this type of painting than it is in my traditional type of painting:

Don't laugh at this next one.  This was a long-billed curlew done in a different style.  Unlike realistic western art, this type of art depends more on brush work than on realism.  I know this isn't the best Japanese brush painting of a curlew, but it is my very first one.

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